Yara Shahidi Is The New Face Of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Actress , Model and activist Yara Shahidi has been announced the new face of Bobbi Brown Confident Beauty campaign, photographed by Tyler Mitchell.

“Being in commercials and on set, I was very familiar with the foundation and the palette. There was always that sigh of relief because I knew they’d have a skin tone that would match me,” Shahidi told Teen Vogue of her prior relationship with the brand. “We do this test in my family of how many people does [this product] work on? It’s been really fun because our family is a whole range of brown. It’s like, well the real test is not just me, right? The real test is the fact that my momma can use it, and my aunty Nel has used it for the past three decades, my cousins can use it. I just feel like Bobbi Brown products are so familiar to me, so this was such a natural next step.”