6 Reasons To Turn To All-Natural Skin Products

In recent years, we’ve all seen a shift towards using more natural products in every part of our lives. From dishwashing soaps to shampoo, we’re all doing our part in protecting both the environment and ourselves. But one space where everyone is paying more attention is skin products. We’re aware of the impact that unnatural and harsh chemicals can have on our skin and with one avocado mask at a time, we’re seeing that nature really can fix all of our problems. So, if you’re looking for reasons to switch to some more natural products to care for your skin, look no further:

Healthier Environment

When products are made in huge plants with automatized processes and chemicals galore, it’s not just the finished product that isn’t healthy. During production, not only are so many resources used, but there is a lot of waste. Most noticeable of which is the liquid waste that is dropped into the water, polluting it. Add this to the fact that a lot of these products are made in countries that already have an issue with polluted waters and you can quickly see how this is a problem.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

All-natural products often come in packaging that matches the cause – something either made from recycled plastic or in recyclable and compostable packaging. Or in some cases, like Lush, no packaging at all. This is transforming the way we think about packaging and waste in general. Not to mention, under high heats and bad transporting conditions, the chemicals from the plastic packaging can leak into the products themselves and contaminate them.

Hormonal Balance

Products that aren’t natural are more likely to cause issues in your body. When your body receives high doses of chemicals that aren’t naturally found anywhere in that concentration, it can trigger responses in your body that can be harmful. Experts from MirificaScience.com recommend using products that are natural and help promote hormonal health. This is all especially important if you already have hormonal issues, in which case you should consult with your doctor to see what is the best product for you.

Support Small Businesses

Most all-natural businesses are small and sell locally, which is why you often can’t find them on shelves in big stores. If you buy directly from the small business, you are supporting them and voting with your dollars, showing that you care about natural products. Extra points if the brands are local because supporting your local community is great for the economy overall. If you have any special requirements for ingredients that go into your products, going directly to small businesses and asking them to make something bespoke will give you a much better result than trying to find exactly what you’re looking for in a big store.


All-natural products are most often vegan, meaning they not only use plant-based ingredients, but they don’t test on animals in production. Tens of thousands of animals across the globe are kept in labs and tortured for the skincare products we use, and it’s completely unnecessary. There are many ways products can be tested without harming animals, and that is proven by the hundreds of companies that are going cruelty-free.

They Work With Your Skin, Not Against It

When you apply a product that has harsh chemicals in it, it might give fast and drastic results: your skin clears up instantly, it gets a glow and a shine… for a little bit. And then it breaks out because the products didn’t actually address the issue, it just attacked the problem. Natural products, on the other hand, work slower, but more thoroughly, because they actually address all the issues in the skin and fix it from within. It’s a slower process, but it will give you long-lasting results without harming you. This is crucial especially for young people just starting to use products because that is when most of us tend to mess up our skin by scrubbing it too harshly and using products that are just wrong.


So from an economical, ethical, and health perspective – it’s better to use all-natural products for your skin. In any case, if you want to just switch to something natural to replace your old creams, you can do it with no worries, and if you want to fix some particular issues, you should speak to your dermatologist about what natural brands they would recommend. In any case, people have been using natural remedies to treat skin issues and make their skin glow for thousands of years, so who are we to stop using what mother nature gave us?